Top 5 Fauna of Central America

As you know, I have a fascination for our natural world and was ever so lucky to have witnessed the following 5 stunning Fauna of Central America. Here are some of the wonderful species I met. You might be able to recognise them as I have previously mentioned them in my podcast catch.cait.

1. Whale Shark

An incredible species, reaching lengths of up to 12 metres, this is one fish not to be missed. It glides elegantly across the water, but moves so fast you need super quick flippers to keep up. They don’t bite or chew, but filter feed, and incredibly take in up to 6000 litres of water an hour. An encounter I will never ever forget. A jaw dropping moment.

2. The Sea Turtle

A gracious and elegant reptile, who creates a charismatic feel, I’ve had the pleasure to dive and work with them all along the Mesoamerican Barrier reef. From loggerheads to Hawksbills, I’ve had unimaginable opportunities, once dreams, that came to real life in the depths of the Deep Blue. Such a powerful species, and one of the oldest species to evolved on this Earth millions of years ago. They deserve to swim freely in a plastic free home.

3. Nurse Shark

A slow moving bottom dweller, reaching lengths of up to up to 14 feet, with super sharp serrated teeth, they may even give a bit if you get too close. Located on the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, I had the joy to witness them in Belize and also in caverns off the isolated islands of the Galapagos, a haven for marine life especially sharks. No ratings on the IUCN list of protected species, however, as a diver, we must remain cautious when spotting them under water. Super important that they have space and respect in their home.

4. The Ray Family

I swam with rays all over Latin America, from Belize to Honduras, to the Caribbean side of Colombia as well as the powerhouse for species known as the Galapagos. An elegant glider who can also have a sharp sting dependant on the species you encounter. The spotted eagle ray was my favourite to witness, on a starry night, off a sailboat in the San Blas Islands, nothing could have captured the essence of the beauty of this planet then that night! Some have even been seen in the hundreds together. Imagine that, what a sight !

5. Owl Butterfly

A super unique species native to Mexico, Central and South America. Well known, for their huge eyespots, which resemble owls’ eyes. These are not just for aesthetics, but a natural inbuilt intelligence to deter predators from eating these beautiful creatures. How clever nature is to use an ‘eye’ as a way to war off predators. Also a very important pollinator, so necessary to protect to ensure global food security and that we maintain food crops on our planet. Did you know 75% of our food crops are pollinated ? YES so thats why its so important to cherish and maintain numbers on these species.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 species, if you’d like to know more, you can catch up on my podcast, catch.cait, where I talk more in-depth on the stories and encounters of these marvellous species.

Thank you for taking the time to read and become aware of our beautiful Planet Earth, join me on my mission, on

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