BeeWild for Kids

BeeWild for Kids is now live ! Kids will have the opportunity to learn about the world of bees, growing food and farmlife.

Think ‘rewilding’ and learning in a space that is perfect for a child’s understanding of our natural world.

Kids will have the opportunity to ask questions, build a beehive, taste honey and get up close and personal with plants.

The workshop takes place at Ballinookera Farm, Whitegate, East Cork. (2kms from Inch Beach).

Price : Child 20€ / Adult 30€

Date: Please contact to arrange. Time : 90 mins

Message to reserve your spot. Places are limited.

Cash / or click Revolut Link for payment.

I cannot wait for you to experience this. It’s something you won’t have seen before.Once booking has been made, more details will be sent.

Much love, Kate  

** If you wish to reserve for a future time, please contact me, private groups are welcome.

** Cancellation Policy – strictly no refunds, however you do have the option to reschedule and attend the next workshop ❤

Building a Beehive

Exploring the Poly Tunnel

Honey Tasting
Exploring the Apiary
Meeting the residents 🙂

BeeWild Reviews…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We loved Katie’s place, we thought it was really really cool, we got to build a hive and learn loads about bees, I never knew about scout bees before and now I understand why people say as busy as a bee’ ‘I loved the greenhouse and eating the strawberry! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jenny: I brought my daughter and her friend to BeeWild as a birthday present. It is so nice to have an experience as a present. The girls really enjoyed it as they are both very into nature and the environment. Kate is very enthusiastic and engaging and full of positive energy. The girls thought she was great and were delighted to learn about the bees, the hives and the honey. We also explored the polytunnel, fed the chickens, planted seeds and dug some spuds and had some cake. I would wholeheartedly recommend this as a good day out for kids. Inch beach is very near also for a swim afterwards. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kate : We had a great afternoon learning all about bees and how important they are. Kate was a great host, giving us tasty drinks to start off the session, providing different honeys to taste and providing a wealth of information about the intricacies of the life of bees. Really interesting day out for both adults and children alike!Roisins favourite part was tasting the honey and Tom favourite part was “Everything” and also seeing the chickens!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ditte : Me and my daughter spent a beautiful morning with Kate, learning about bees, farms and nature. I always found beekeeping very interesting, i even did a mini course about it. But i knew there was something wrong with that approach. It just didn’t feel right, to check the bees every week, kill the unnecessary eggs, cut the wings of the queens and give them a lot of medication for the winter. Instead of all the controlling, Kate showed us a loving way, how to cooperate with the bees and nature. Helping them to do their job, getting a bit of honey, but not making a big business of it.
Now i’m happy enough to put a box in one of my trees and invite the bees to my garden. Thank you so much!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sinéad : Just wanted to thank you so much for an incredible day out yesterday afternoon. I’m always wanting to do things that are different with the kids and myself, wanting outdoor experiences with nature etc and it was such a lovely experience. The amount of knowledge you have – I learned so much from you. And yes I have a newfound love for bees and honey 🐝🍯
Tasting all the different kinds of honey was amazing, I always loved honey but the one I purchased from you is absolutely DEVINE!!!
I can’t wait to do the workshop again in the summer months to see and taste all the fruit and veg. 🙌
Incredible experience , it was such fun ! and will
be recommending to everyone❤️ Thanks Kate xx

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Marian : I found the course so interesting and informative. There really is a whole universe inside each hive! Kate is incredibly knowledgeable and has a very relaxed way of imparting information. The kids loved it all, but especially enjoyed getting to taste lots of different honey and getting to plant a seed and take it home. 

Couldn’t recommend it highly enough as an activity to do with kids. They were blown away. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paul :Met Cait on two occasions within two weeks! Her passion for bees is infectious and I’m excited to watch her journey over the next few years. I was really impressed with her ability to keep 8 kids and 5 adults interested before going to see the bees and chickens! Highly impressed and will make many more trips to the farm in Whitegate.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ella : We had a lovely afternoon learning all about bees and their essential role in our natural world. Kate was a very patient and informative host providing us with a wealth of knowledge about bees and growing your own. The kids really enjoyed tasting all of the different types of honey and are delighted to be passing on all their newly acquired facts about bees to everyone they meet these past few days. Thank you Kate, Ella. 🐝