Corporate Offerings

Now more than ever, the disconnect from nature has become apparent, our fast paced lifestyles are pulling on that innate desire to reconnect. So look no further, I have some special events that will ignite the fire of nature within, improving overall wellbeing mood and stress levels.

Outdoor Events

1. BeeWild Journey – A 3 hour multi-sensory experience

  • Beekeeping workshop (education on bees, nature, our planet)
  • Fresh Wild Tea 
  • Honey Tasting
  • Equipment run through
  • Forest Bathing
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork

2. Forest Bathing – A 2 hour forest immersion

  • Fresh Wild Tea
  • Forest Education
  • Sensory Grounding Activities 
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork

Online Events (Also in person)

3. A 1 hour talk on Our Beautiful Planet.

Kate’s focuses on her first hand experiences travelling to our planet’s most precious and wild places.

Talks can be themed to your preference : Adventures, Our Planet, Empowerment, Biodiversity & Bees, leading a Nature-led life.

Outdoor Events take place on the home farm, Ballinookera, in East Cork.

Online Events take place from the comfort of your home, where nature comes to you.

Please contact to arrange dates and pricing –

In person events can take place in your workplace.

The Fumbally, Dublin, International Women’s Day.

Kate, environmental scientist, author and beekeeper has trained in mindfulness and forest bathing as well as ongoing work on the home farm all part of her global mission; to connect human beings back to their true essence, the natural world. 

An avid explorer inside and out, her diverse background as well as global ventures will guarantee that you won’t go home without something valuable, potent and empowering. She can’t wait to connect with you on this sacred land.