School Events

Kids are at the forefront of a future yet to be decided. Nature, self sufficiency, growing, bees; these are all critical subjects that will lend itself vital for the future to come. Look no further I have some vibrant, interactive, educational offerings.

Interactive workshop @ The Home Farm

BeeWild for Kids, Beekeeping workshop, Honey Tasting, Setting Seeds

Interactive workshop @ schools

Bee Education & Beekeeping Equipment

Interactive Talk @ schools

Our Planet : Kate’s Wild Adventures, working with endangered species, climate change & current work with bees and seeds

** Kate, environmental scientist, author and beekeeper has trained in mindfulness and forest bathing as well as ongoing work on the home farm all part of her global missionto connect human beings back to their true essence, the natural world.ย 

An avid explorer inside and out, her diverse background as well as global ventures will guarantee that you wonโ€™t go home without something valuable, potent and empowering. 

She canโ€™t wait to connect with you on this sacred land.  The forest awaits.